Wednesday, August 1st

Finally NEEM!

The caravan moved on at 10.45 AM. Weather improved during the morning, so driving went fine. We reached the end of our route at 5 PM. Yesterday, Lars had visited the future NEEM area with GPS, so he knew precisely where the ice ridge is. With Lars as pathfinder, the caravan lumbered the last few kilometres in a large U-turn into the future camp site. This way the approach was from the North and West, down wind from the future site.

Finally we were there. The two tracked vehicle drivers, Sverrir and J.P. shook hands. The vehicles held out without any major break downs. After setting up camp, we held a small ceremony. Lars (former member of the Danish national team in volleyball) took a volleyball and kicked it out on the snow. Where it landed was designated as the site of the future deep ice core drilling. We always like a scientific approach. We placed a flag on the site and had a toast in malt whisky. Afterwards, Lars and J.P. began to mark out the future skiway (NEEM airport) with flags using GPS and survey equipment. They were done at 1.30 AM.

The rest of the camp were busy unpacking the sledges. How wonderful to finally have access to everything at once.

Weather at NEEM at 9 PM: – 7 C, overcast; but good visibility, no wind.

We are now 365 km from NGRIP and are at the destination, NEEM.

NEEM ceremony

The whole gang celebrating at the drill site.
Remember to check our pictures page, for more pics...

All parties report measurements running to satisfaction; but at 5 PM we received a call from the Search and Rescue authorities in Kangerlussuaq. They were tired of receiving false alerts on the emergency satellite system, so they asked us to shut down the Kansas radar until a solution was found.

– NEEM traverse team


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